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My Story

I studied art at GCSE and A-level at Finham Park School in 2010. I enjoyed art and was an A* student. Art allowed me to be free and experimental. I went on to university to study marketing. I chose marketing because I had a passion for businesses, specifically marketing. Having graduated in social media, I have worked in the industry for many years. It is a perfect fit for me. I can be creative and, of course, play with colours when designing and creating marketing content.

During the COVID lockdown, I was unemployed like many others, spending my days at home and binge-watching lots of Netflix. One day, I decided to get some art canvases out and paint. I began to paint a few canvases with no plan in mind, not knowing where I would put them, what I would do with them, or even if I could sell them.

After a long break from painting, it was honestly the best feeling ever. Being able to do what you love without anyone watching or telling you what to do - It was just perfect.

The moral of the story I found was: Never underestimate the power of a hobby or passion. They provide us with a sense of purpose and fulfilment and can even open doors to new opportunities. It's crucial to make time for the things we love, no matter how busy we are. So, hold on tight to your passions, and let them guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

Once I painted a few pieces, I made a pack for myself. I will continue to create a collection of my own. I will eventually be able to showcase my artwork to the public to sell. But I didn't set myself a date as a goal as I found it would only stress me out. The most important thing when creating art is that you should be able to flow, trust yourself, and be patient. None of this was going to come with stress.

Over this period, I was blessed and fortunate to accept two committed paintings.

One was for the NHS Leeds ICU staff department. The brief, 'During the covid pandemic, we have just been so stretched, and it has just been a horrific journey. Please can you create some art that we can place i the staff room which can add a bit of joy and happiness' The painting I created for these staff was named "Colours of life' as the ICU is a place where our heroes work at night and day to save and support life. I found this commission a blessing as I could give something to our heroes who worked on the frontline.

Another painting brief I was approached with was, 'we are having a baby this summer I wanted to bless her with Hindu Goddess Lakshmi for her nursery please can you paint this ' I was again overwhelmed while receiving this request. Even though I painted this goddess before, I made it unique and suitable for this family to meet their size and colour requirements. Overall, it was a beautiful time while I was painting.

Abstract and Fine Art Artist

Following these commissions, I started painting more canvases under different collections that I could exhibit.

These collections include lines and blends, seas, sun and sand, around the world, spiritual connections, and florals. I decided to launch my original work under my brand, 'art BY KANIKA SHARMA', and created a website where people can explore me and my work.

Over the past few years, I have slowly developed my painting style, invoking layering colours with brush and pallet knife techniques. This allows me to add definition and feeling to a painting. I work with a wide range of materials, from acrylics to watercolours, pastels to biro, and even inks. Just like other artists, I don't have a spacious and amazing studio.

Currently, I paint wherever possible - sometimes even from my family lounge or kitchen top.

As of 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in my first art exhibition, Art in the Park, at Leamington Spa. Trust me, it was a roller coaster of emotions from being accepted until the last day of the event: I learned so much, from pricing to selling to displaying. Along with selling my artwork, I was also able to connect and meet like-minded artists over the weekend.

Upcoming events

Fast-forward to 2024, and I'm taking part in my biggest art event ever: the summer art show. This event is hosted by Warwickshire Open Studios, where 400 diverse creative artists come together at 212 venues to showcase art for the public to connect, view, and purchase.

I have been fortunate to exhibit my work at two venues:

You can find me at Classic Interiors from 22nd June - 7th July. Located in Coventry just off the A46, this furniture store is a treasure trove of home furnishings! From sofas to curtains, carpets to décor, you'll find everything you need to beautify your space.

I can then be found at the Makers Space from 5th July - 7th July - Nestled in a picturesque rural setting on the Warwickshire border, this creative hub is a haven for artisans and crafters alike. Set within a stunning old farm courtyard with Tudor barns, it's the perfect place to unleash your creativity or support local talent.

At these exhibitions, you will be able to view or purchase my originals and even prints, greeting cards, bookmarks, coasters, vases and much more.

How to work with me

As well as original artwork, I also take commissioned and bespoke artwork orders as well. If you have a vision of a painting or want to convert a photo to a picturesque painting, then commissioned art BY KANIKA SHARMA is the one for you.

If you want to create a painting that fits perfectly in your home matching, your interior design, bespoke art BY KANIKA SHARMA, is the one for you; where I will work with you to create the perfect initial mood board and craft the painting for your home.

To inquire about booking a unique art painting, please contact me through Instagram, Facebook, or email at

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